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Bloomerang is Helping Florists Take Back Mother’s Day with #ItsNotFlowers Campaign

By Ryan Putnam, Content Manager

Bloomerang Solutions has launched a campaign called #ItsNotFlowers to help local florists defend their image and their brands against a recent trend from large national retailers urging consumers not to buy flowers for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day has always been one of the year’s most important events to most retail florists who depend on those orders for a sizeable percentage of their annual revenue. As competition and deceptive order gatherers continue to stake their claim in an already-crowded industry, the neighborhood florist was dealt another blow this week when several multinational retailers decided to take aim at the floral industry by urging their customers to avoid buying flower for Mother’s Day.

Target, the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, sent customers an email on April 30 with the subject line, “Don’t get her flowers this year. Up to 25% off Mother’s Day gifts @ Target, thru Saturday.”

On April 27, Coach, Inc. took to Twitter with a tweet that said, “Forget flowers. Give Mom a bag you’ll want to steal,” followed by the hashtag #ForgetFlowers. Coach followed that tweet with another, a day later, saying simply, “Mother’s Day is May 14. Don’t get her flowers.” The second post was accompanied by an image of a red handbag, opting not to use one of many floral pattern designs they’ve produced over the years.

Coach has since posted several more tweets with the #ForgetFlowers hashtag and have gained traction with the Huffington Post and shoe retailer Mephisto who have joined along in taking shots at the floral industry in the days leading up to Mother’s Day.

SAF responds

The Society of American Florists took notice and sent an emails to Target and other offending retailers on behalf of thousands of small retail florists urging them to reevaluate their marketing efforts and avoid negative portrayals of flowers and the floral industry.

The SAF response indicated reasons why flowers have long been a popular gift for Mother’s Day and cited research showing the health and emotional benefits that flowers provide.


Bloomerang Solutions is joining SAF in the fight against anti-floral Mother’s Day marketing by launching the #ItsNotFlowers campaign for our clients. This initiative includes a series of social media ads with the hashtag, #ItsNotFlowers in a lighthearted reminder not to disappoint mothers who may have been expecting some beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day.

“These big companies have massive marketing budgets and a multitude of resources that the little guys can never compete with,” said Art Conforti, founder of Bloomerang Solutions. “I’m sure it’s not their intention to hurt our industry or our local florists, but it certainly can by portraying flowers as a lesser or an unwanted gift option.”

The #ItsNotFlowers campaign will run through Mother’s Day as florists gear up for the busy weekend ahead.

“We just want people to be aware that many mothers still love receiving flowers,” Conforti said. “Wouldn’t it be a shame if mom was expecting a beautiful bouquet and all she got instead was another ordinary gift that she probably didn’t want in the first place? We know the big companies are having a little fun at our expense, but we can have some fun too while keeping it positive. That’s the idea behind this campaign.”

If you would like to join the #ItsNotFlowers campaign, let us know and we’ll be happy to help! Give us a call at (941) 806-1911 or email us at

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