Why are we going Digital?

    Digital files are the most cost-effective way to reach a large audience of customers.

    Some benefits related to the use of digital files are the following:


    • print and deliver with your local newspaper - can save up to $3,500, see graph below
    • print a mailer for distribution
    • use on your website for holiday offerings
    • send to any corporate clients for early holiday list
    • use on social media outlets & feature products daily/weekly
    • to limit the offerings your staff is presenting to your clients
    • more flexibility in design with pick and print option to choose images for custom brochures


    Local Newspapers have been trying to encourage clients to PRINT AND DELIVER digital files for years. Newspapers are consistently raising insert costs year after year to encourage clients to consider the print and deliver option.


    The Sample Advertising Campaigns Graph below clearly shows that paying to print inserts & inserting them into the newspaper can run you approximately $6,000; however by using digital files and the PRINT AND DELIVER option you can insert with your local paper for approximately $2,500.






    • Product Name

    • Product SKU

    • Product Price

    • 1 edit after 1st Proof ($395 file)

    • *Cover Image - low resolution

    • *Print Images – on white background – low resolution

    • *Digital final file


    *All 3 of these will be provided by Creative once file is approved


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