• What Is Remarketing - And Why You Need It

    ‘Remarketing’ is a way of showing ads to people who visit sites in the Google Display Network. These ads are only shown to people who have recently been on to your website.

    What Is Remarketing?

    Have you ever visited a website and then started seeing ads for that website everywhere? You might think, ‘oh look, it’s them again,’ or, ‘wow, they must be big – they’re advertising everywhere.’ This is remarketing – these ads appear to ‘follow’ you around the internet for days, weeks, even months after you’ve visited the original website. We can set the range for whatever you wish.


    What Are the Benefits?

    The main benefit of this form of marketing is simple: brand recognition that can lead to conversions. How often have you stopped an online purchase that you (at the time) intended to go back and complete? The phone rang, or you got distracted by an email, or wondered if you should check a few other websites out first - so you didn’t complete the sale, or didn’t finish filling out the inquiry form. In most cases, rather than coming back later to finish, these transactions are simply forgotten about and never completed. Your customers probably do this more than you realize. Remarketing reminds them of you and gives you a second chance.

    How Does Remarketing Work?

    To start, you need a Google Adwords account, and you need to select which websites you want your ads to appear on – either one by one, or by theme (sports websites, travel websites etc.). You’ll then need to create your ads using text, image, or video. Next, you will need to install some code on your site to track your visitors by the use of ‘cookies’ (you may want to update your cookie policy accordingly). Finally, we, or you, will need to set your budget – as with other forms of pay-per-click advertising, you can choose a maximum cost per click and a maximum total daily budget.


    In conclusion, remarketing is cost effective and helps you convert more from almost every other type of traffic generation you are doing. Not everyone is aware of it, and it takes a little work to set it up and start it. As a result, it is hugely undersubscribed and the clicks are cheap. In other words, there is a great opportunity to take advantage of this type of marketing now, while the going is good!


    Does $15 per thousand impressions sound good? Some companies even charge $10. The good news is, you have options.

    Every Industry is Different and so are Our Strategies

    Stats indicate most websites are lucky if they convert at 2%, so what is the other 98% doing? Some don’t inquire or buy because they just don’t feel your website is right for them. However some don’t inquire or buy simply because of distraction or procrastination – this is a well-known statistic, but it doesn’t apply to every industry.

    Take, for example, the floral industry.


    Stats are skewed hrere because of what Google cannot track. Using stats from http://www.floralprodigy.com we can see that four to five people order over the phone for every one order on a florist’s retail website. Floral Prodigy is software exclusive to retail floral industry, and has proven consistent, so this blows away the “bounce rate” figures from Google because a phone order is a conversion Google cannot track.

    Please call us for more information

    The most effective use of remarketing is to treat it as an online billboard - your brand front and center across your customer’s search experience just reminding them you are there. But like physical billboards, you can’t just throw them up at random locations and expect optimal results – location is key, and we know where your customers are looking. Skip the trial-and-error approach and take the guesswork out of online marketing. We can save you time, frustration, and most importantly - money, by placing your ads in front of your customers. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss a custom strategy for your business.


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